Columbia College Apprenticeship Initiative


Columbia College Apprenticeship Initiative

Program Objectives
Columbia College Apprenticeship Initiative is a grant funded program that provides its students with on-the-job training in the hospitality industry and accompanying study. Most of the training occurs as the students work as apprentices for one of the two committed employers, Black Oak Casino Resort and Evergreen Lodge. At least 48 students will have the opportunity to complete an Associate of Science degree, while working as paid, full-time apprentices. Apprentices rotate through different professional areas at the employer site over an 18-24 month period, to receive comprehensive training in a range of positions that could include a combination of front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, beverage management, retail, recreation and several aspects of kitchen and food service. While working, apprentices complete additional general education courses and electives to fulfill requirements for an Associate of Science degree.

Meet The Program Staff

                                                                                                  Amanda Hepfl                            Tiffeny Flies                        Dr. Klaus Tenbergen                 
                                                                                                            Program Assistant                       Program Specialist                     Dean/Program Director

Contact Information
CCAI Hotline:       209-588-5252


Tiffeny Flies:         209-588-5202,


Amanda Hepfl:    209-588-5212