Yosemite Bank (Premier Valley Bank)

Financial Services

Accounting Plus

Contact Person(s):Cathy Leetham

Carron Tax Associates

Contact Person(s):Carole Smith

JoAnn Prieto’s Accounting Services

Contact Person(s): JoAnn Prieto

Kiefer Insurance Agency – Since 2002
Grovelands only Multi-Line Insurance Agency

John & Tonie Kiefer

All Insurance Needs

Working with top rated insurers in the primary and secondary markets, we have coverage for all your insurance needs:
Homes, Autos, RV’s, Boats, Trailers, Mobiles, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, Business, Rental Properties, Renovations

Let us help you, insure your future.

Lic. oD77765

18800 Main Street
Groveland, CA  95321

209-962-6656 FAX
Mechanics Bank

At the Groveland branch, we focus on meeting your banking needs.

Whether you’re seeking business lending, want to open personal checking or savings accounts, or need help managing your wealth, our bankers will give you personal attention and local expertise, right on the corner of Main Street and Merrell Road.

We’re passionate about helping our local communities grow, and that starts at the customer level, with you. Come see us at the Groveland branch today and let us help you reach your personal banking milestones.

Contact Person(s): Tara Durland

Yosemite Bank (Premier Valley Bank)

At Premier Valley Bank, decision making is kept to a local level and bankers are unwaveringly committed to deeply understanding every intricacy of every customer’s financial relationship. Because when that happens, a bank, even one with over $13 billion in assets and the backing of a company with national outreach, doesn’t just feel like a partner, it feels like an extension of your family. Our unmatched dedication to customer service is strengthened by our parent company, Heartland Financial USA, Inc., a multi-billion financial services company that matches our loyalty to the principles of community banking and has been named a Forbes Best Bank 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2013.

Contact Person(s): Matt Foraker (Manager) & Virginia Williams

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