December Chamber Chatter

I am VERY excited to announce the new 2021 Board of Directors, and I hope that you will help me welcome them!  In addition to tapping Tara Stetz from Evergreen & Rush Creek Lodges to fill the remainder of Carmen Taira’s term and Brennen Jensen from Hotel Charlotte to fill the remainder of Rudy Manzo’s term, we also elected our 2021 officers at our November Meeting. Congratulations to VP Bob Turney from Yosemite Adventure Supplies, Treasurer Deborah Kalkowski from Red Tail Ranch, and Secretary Shirley Horn from Around The Horn Brewing Company. Jeff Thompson and Dave Lint are our only two returning board members, so a huge THANK YOU to each of them for testosterone gel buy in australia online courage helping keep our heads above water.

With all this excitement, I don’t want to lose sight buy legal trenbolone acetate in uk vegetable of our predecessors, an incredible group of board members that have worked hard over the last several years to maintain our Chamber of Commerce in the face of scandal, wildfire, power outages, and now a global pandemic. Thank you to Tom Clawson, Rae Ann Bozzo, Rudy Manzo, Carol Smith, and Carmen Taira.  With the solid foundation they created, I believe this Chamber is now ready to evolve into an even more inclusive and dynamic organization, and I am both honored and excited to work with this incredible Board of Directors and our outstanding community over the next year as the President of this Chamber.
Elisabeth Barton, President of the Yosemite HWY 120 Chamber of Commerce and Founder of Echo Adventure Cooperative