March Chamber Chatter

By Bob Turney: Yosemite Adventure Supplies

As the newest board member of the Yosemite Highway 120 Chamber of Commerce, I am honored about being able to help our membership. My parents have been bringing me to Yosemite since I was a baby, so I have so many wonderful memories there. Now I live here in Groveland and I own two businesses here; &, which is a 501c-3 Non-Profit dedicated to providing vocational education to Veterans.

Our other newest Board Member is Elisabeth Barton, who is an owner of Echo Adventure Cooperative, which now means this chamber has two Directors, that are in the “tourist” industry. Elisabeth and I are also on a newly formed “Strategy Committee”. This committee was formed with the sole intent to come up with ideas on how to better service our membership and then present to the entire BOD.

Our biggest Chamber event of the year is the 49er Festival Chili & Salsa Cookoff, which is on Saturday, Sept 19. Check for a list all the activities. We are asking the community to help us come up with the next Western Theme for the festival and invite nominations for the next Grand Marshall of the parade.

Please send your suggestions to me at

Since our last mixer of 2019, we are very happy to welcome 12 new members to the Yosemite Highway 120 Chamber of Commerce.

David & Christina Wilkinson, Sabre Designs

Christian De Ryss, Equinox Technology Partners

Tage Wert, Tage’s Plumbing.

Rob Narin, Tri-Tippery

Dan & Britta, Hamm’s Carpet Cleaning

Tom Hugget, SOL Training

John Loyd (Friend of the Chamber)

Lee & Less Miller, Miller Brothers Auto

John & Tonie Keifer, Farmers Insurance

Etty Garber, Marriage and Family Counseling

Mike Dryden, Groveland Music

*Welcoming the newest Additional New Member after News Paper Press Release Joanie Gisler, Ranch Revived Decor

Thank you for helping us to make the Yosemite Highway 120 Chamber of Commerce, the best chamber of all the National Parks.