Measures P & Q

I had the chance to ask our candidates for Tuolumne County District 4 Supervisor, Dameion Renault and Kathleen Haff of their opinions on Measures P & Q. – Carmen Taira, Admin: Yosemite Hwy120 Chamber of Commerce


“My input on the measures that are already on the ballot is really simple. I am only vote, just like everyone else who gets to vote. I believe in the power of our right to vote and therefore will move forward on what the voters decide with the best of my ability if I am chosen to be the next Supervisor. If the measures pass and I am elected I will be a strong voice to use those additional funds for public safety and other public services having pressure placed on them currently. I will not be an approval voice for any salary raises if they pass. In researching our past budget constraints, we have been here before, and each year our budget balances with all services intact. It is my belief that taxes should not be a major form of economic growth. Our growth should come from revenue building through business expansion and development.”

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Background: Tuolumne County has been cutting all budgets (staff, services and equipment) since 2008. Yes, you read that right. In FY 2019-20, a zero-balance budget was approved that reorganized departments based upon mandated services. Now, there is absolutely nothing left to cut. This is not a problem unique to our County. Many rural, less populated counties in California are experiencing the same thing. Ultimately, we need to create a healthier source of revenue by building a bigger business base. My quest as your newly elected Supervisor will be to work with the other Board members on a plan to help existing businesses expand and also to attract companies which offer living-wage jobs to locate here! This will take time, however and will involve long-range planning. A revenue stream is necessary now to restore basic services to General Fund departments such as law enforcement, fire, roads, and the planning department. This decision is in your (the tax-payer’s) hands, but I urge everyone to open the link

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